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“Traditional Lime Plasterers and old Devon Cob House Plastering”

Welcome to the Devon Plasterers website. At Devon Plasterers we specialize in all aspects of traditional and modern plastering techniques required to bring old Devon Houses and buildings back to their former glory. We use only the best natural materials and years of experience passed down through generations of devonshire tradesmen. Great care and attention is required when removing old Devon Plaster from the walls and ceilings in your home. Proper preparation and a knowledge of these delicate materials is then needed to replace the various layers with new Lime plaster to ensure that the finished restorations will last another few hundred years. For a quote, a quick chat, or general enquiries, please use the contact form below, or call our sales manager on:

Call Derek On – 0777 597 3795

500 Year Old Devon Cob Wall Lime Plastering Case Study Part 1

Devon Plasterers Skills & Services

  • Lime Plaster Render & Lime Putty Top Coat
  • Lime Bonding Specialists
  • Traditional Lime Skim Top Coat
  • Modern Gypsum Plastering
  • Spray Applied Cement & Lime Render Mix
  • Spray Applied Tyrolean Damp Proof Tanking
  • Cob House Plastering Experts
  • Heritage Buildings, Listed Buildings & Old Country House Plastering Specialists

Devon Plasterers Lime Plastering Old Cob Walls

Below are some photo examples of the beautiful finish achieved from the use of modern lime plaster on old walls and ceilings in a very old Devon Cob House

Devon Plastering Services

Above pictures show the very appealing and popular lime Plaster curving finish around an oak beam fireplace that many old Country houses have as their main living room feature

500 Year Old Cob Wall with a new Lime Plaster Finish

This wall is situated in a 500 year old Devon long house and has just been plastered with 4 different layers of traditional Lime Plaster, no paint has been applied yet. These layers of plaster include the well known Horse hair scratch coats, a technique dating back to the 12th century and still a favourite among modern day lime plasterers for it’s flexibilty and it’s ability to let the old cob walls breath,. This is very important for the life time and preservation of the Cob itself. With proper care and the application of these traditional techniques, there is no reason why your Cob house shouldn’t last another 500 years!

Devon House Cob Wall Lime Rendering Case Study part 2

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