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A.P Hicks Traditional Devon Plastering Service

Old Devon Country Houses Finished Using Lime Plaster Techniques

We are specialists in all aspects of old and new plastering techiniques. In the south west of England there are thousands of very old houses that need special care, attention and expert knowledge to bring their aged structures up to date safely and correctly. After building work has been completed, plastering the house is usually done in 4 stages using traditional materials and skills. Over the last 20 years we have gained much experience working on many of these fine old Devon and Cornwall houses. The result has been a long list of very satisfied customers who have seen their home transformed into the way it must have looked when first built hundreds of years ago.

All old, decayed and spent surfaces are removed carefully before we begin any work on the property. We see the restoration of these old properties as a work of historical art restoration. We take great care with the methods and techniques we use when plastering these beautiful houses, reminders of a time long passed in history. Without sounding like a boast, we have aquired a reputation as being perfectionists in our work. We feel this has to be the case since proper updating of these old houses is an investment in another few hundreds years of our countries cultural heritage. We pride ourselves in maintaining the strictest of standards to help preserve the past for future generations who will enjoy these fine homes for many years to come. We would like to encourage you to call us anytime for advice or guidance you may seek regarding the renovations and plaster work of your old west country home. Thank you for reading.

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